A Great Trick for Hanging Belts

Those of us not sunning in the South of France this August can always enjoy staying home and organizing something. Nothing gives greater satisfaction for so little expense.

Well maybe a few things (like sunning in the South of France), but you won’t find those at the Container Store. This you will. Super Grippy Hangers. Let you take control of your closet!  says the packageWho can say no to that for $5.99?

Belt Clips
Super Grippy Hangers. $5.99 at the Container Store

I went crazy and bought four. If only all my investments turned out so well.

While you’re out shopping for school supplies and dorm room fittings, pick yourself up a few.

They are great for belts. The ones with standard buckles hang easily on hooks, but what about the others? They end up draped over a peg and they’re hard to see and get to. Oy.

In two minutes, these belts went from a chaos of tangled leather and metal…

Draped over hooks, the belts are difficult to see and to access.

… to an oasis of order and calm. Just looking at it lowers blood pressure and increases serotonin levels.

Belts hung with grip-hangers

These clips would work with other hard-to-hang items as well, from scarves to art or office supplies. I could also see clipping notes and to-dos and hanging them on a stretch of  wire or twine, or a series of nails.

This reminds me of an old New Yorker cartoon captioned “James Joyce’s Refrigerator.” It’s a drawing of a fridge with the ponderous author’s to-do list taped to it:

1. Go to bank
2.  Pick up dry cleaning
3. Forge in the smithy of my soul the uncreated conscience of my race
4. Call Mom

He could just as easily have hung his to-do list and his belts on Super Grippy Hangers.

As some of you know I recently moved, riveting accounts of which here (Part 1) and here (Part 2, Verizon Man) With moving always comes the opportunity to organize. Vast opportunities in my case. I’m still working on storing my suitcases someplace besides the shower.

The wheels of domestic bliss grind slowly at times.

Meanwhile, Happy Organizing. Btw, if you love organizing and don’t know about the I Heart Organizing blog, give it a gander. Jen is adorable, and her site is fantastic and beautifully organized… which you might have guessed.


  1. Ma’am, you are psychic! Getting ready to start packing my nest for my move to Talley, heading straight to I Heart Organizing blog when I get home from office tonight. Good grief, one does not realize how much STUFF one has until a move looms! Loved James Joyce’s fridge note!

    1. Thanks Mary! And did you try tucking your shirts into your panties? Just askin. Anybody else have suggestions here?

  2. Getting ready to tackle a BIG organization project, starting September 1. Will be focusing on it in my blog, so very inspired to read yours!!!

    Hope you are having a lovely summer… xx, Liz

    1. Okay Liz we are all looking forward to following your project! Thanks for writing and hope you are having a lovely summer too! xo, Frances

  3. Frances I have stored my suitcases in extra shower and bath before. Great idea for belts. Thank you for passing on. Always enjoy your Blog.So great to see Brie and little Walter on Facebook. Enjoy rest of summer.
    xo Karen Louise

    1. Well it’s nice to have company, Karen, and even nice to hear from you, thank you. YOu have a great summer, too! xo Frances

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