Little Life Enhancer: A Handy Way to Clean Dental Devices

Little Life Enhancer: A Handy Way to Clean Dental Devices

Here’s a nifty little case for cleaning retainers and bleaching trays. You know how grotty they can get. It’s called a FreshKase, and you put your dental thingie in it and pop it in the dishwasher. Boom. $11.95. A good little travel case, too.

THIS JUST IN… a nifty little case for cleaning retainers, bleaching trays, Invisaligns, or dentures in the diswasher. You know how grotty they can get, and I’m too cheap to buy the “special cleanser” my New York dentist sells, adorable as he is. The FreshKase is a plastic case that is BPS-free, FDA-approved plastic, and $11.95. You put the device in it and pop it in  the dishwasher. Boom.

FreshKase in dishwasher

Make sure you put it in the top rack.

It’s also a handy, protective travel case.


Comes in pink, too.

A clean retainer is a happy retainer.

Happy FreshKase

Funny story how I learned about this.

The other night at the ranch we had a few friends for dinner, including a dentist-and-psychologist couple His Grace (my husband for new readers) had recently met in the Valley. HG  will talk to a fencepost and know its life story in minutes and then come home and tell me we should have it to dinner.

By the way it’s fun to mix up your guest list. When you have “new” people, everyone takes their game up a notch. Makes your night just a little bit more somethin’.

Anyway now we have two new fenceposts  friends and a sparkling clean retainer. Turns out Dr. Dentist and his wife Dr. Psychologist (act normal, Frances…) are not only good company but also inventors of the FreshKase, which you can order from, which you probably figured out by now.

As you know, any endorsements on are purely from enthusiasm. In full disclosure,  we were given a free FreshKase. We liked it, and we love our rejuvenated retainer and bleaching trays. For more info or to order, go to Money-back guarantee, too.



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