A Quick Fix for Loose Ends

A Quick Fix for Loose Ends

A quick and ingenious fix for loose computer cords when they’re not attached – saving you from fishing them off the floor, behind your desk, etc.

What a great way to organize loose ends on your desk – particularly if you travel and take your laptop with you. Easy to organize and re-plug your cords when you return and thereby eliminate the undignified display of crawling around under your desk to retrieve errant cables.

Computer cord organizer
Computer cord organizer, photo by David Bakker

Just saw this on Facebook via Lena Di, who re-posted from an English rock band called Refracture. Whatever. Anyway I thought it was cool enough for a quickie post. If anyone knows the original source, please share.

UPDATE–And you did… Several of you have written with the source and I thank you! It does annoy no end the pilfering of photos and information posted will-nilly with nary a  proper credit. So here it is: The most easily accessed photo was from bedifferentactnormal.com which credits Lifehacker, who credits David Bakker, a clever Dutchman, with the original post and photos.

Binder clips as cord catchers
Step-by-step: Binder clips as cord catchers, by David Bakker, via LIfehacker

The original post appeared three years ago, and FrancesSchultz.com is right on the cutting edge as usual. But hey, we’ll take a good idea whenever it comes, right?



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