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A little less than an hour up the road from us at Rancho La Zaca is the family owned Rose Story Farm, in Carpenteria, California. Owned by husband and wife duo Dani & Bill Hahn, they purchased the property 32 years ago. What was once so run down “that the termites were holding hands to hold it up” has seen its share of fires and floods and other of nature’s forces, but it always returns to itself, a magical retreat. There’s a metaphor in there, isn’t there? And right here in Santa Ynez is new(ish)comer @gracerosefarm begun by the lovely Grace & Ryan Poulson. Because the world cannot have too many roses. That is well known. Fields of roses, with fragrances and colorations from rich and variegated to delicate and subtle​ fill the space. Rose Story Farm is storied indeed. Tap my #linkinbio to see more!

20 Jun 2020

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