Cucumber Soup to Cool Summer’s Sizzle

You will wonder how you’ve gotten this far into summer, and possibly into life itself, without this cold cucumber soup. Stop on your way home today and get the ingredients, and whip up a batch asap. Takes 15 minutes, max. Chill. Repeat. All summer long. You will want a supply in your fridge at least until Labor Day. It is downright thrilling.

Frances and Cucumber Soup
Cold cucumber soup is a favorite first course for Sunday lunch at Bee Cottage.

The recipe is courtesy of inimitable Rancho La Zaca chef Stephanie Valentine, whose genius graces this space from time to time, invariably amid waves of raves.

Did I really say “waves of raves”?

Serving cold soups in tea or coffee cups is pretty and easy, and you don’t need a spoon.

P.S. Note to self: Despite the fact that this oh let’s just say it tank top I’m wearing has a so-called built-in bra, it is not doing the trick. We will not be wearing this top again. In case you were wondering.

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And still more recipes when you click the “Food & Recipes” tab at left under blog archives. You knew that of course.



  1. Lovely soup recipe!
    Over here on the East side of the Valley- we have a whole slew of built in bra tanks…and we use them for pjs- about all they are good for. <3

  2. Frances, well the tank top looks great, plus a white tank goes anywhere…and I’m sure oh so comfortable and it is Summer…so Carry on…Beau

  3. Frances, I have made this soup many times and it really is a crowd pleaser! For an extra yummy factor, I like to top it with a little fresh lump crab….oh my!!!

    1. Hi Whitney. Yes it is similar to vichyssoise, exactly. You can of course vary the consistency by adding a bit more pureed cucumber to thicken. Then you might want to adjust the seasoning a bit. Stephanie also adds that for a finer consistency it can be strained through a sieve, but I prefer it with a little body. Thank you for writing 🙂

  4. Yummmm! I am making this soup this weekend, So. Fla. is extra humid-steamy-hot this time of year. Anything that cools you off is most welcome. Love the round tray, so pretty! Have giggles over your “note to self.”

  5. Frances,
    I will be heading to the store in the morning––sounds wonderfully refreshing. I think you look beautiful and ‘cool’ in your bra tank.
    xo, Lissy

  6. Love, love, love cucumber soup. A famiy staple, but Mom used Craig Claiborne. It must have been the garlic…this recipe sounds divine. I’m gonna give it a try asap. Incidentally, if that takes a trick, mine takes an entire Vegas magic show!! xxoo

  7. Love this soup! I make it at home..but my twist is adding an avocado and home-made chicken stock instead of the dairy…(less fat…same texture) 🙂 Now that I am inspired, I think I will have some tonight before the avocados leave us 🙁

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