Instagram 22 May 2020

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It tickles me that the Covid-crazed world has gone nuts over puzzles. I humbly confess I have been nuts over puzzles for a while (and that is probably the single example ever of my being ahead of trend). I confess again that I am partial to the wooden variety as opposed to the cardboard, but bias aside, puzzling benefits the brain and mood big-time. And each piece fitted is an instant gratification, yay! 1,000 piece puzzle=1,000 instant gratifications: Addiction explained. ⁠

From still life florals to landscapes and beloved paintings, @verandamag recently rounded up a few of their favorites, including this beautiful hummingbird piece ☝featuring an illustration from 19th-century German zoologist Ernst Haeckel’s Art Forms In Nature. And though my favorite @libertypuzzles is still in lockdown, ol’ Ernst’s hummingbirds and others are out there and available now, see #linkinbio

22 May 2020

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