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TBT! I ran across this ca 1986 photo recently of my darlin’ uncle and me, with our family, around the campfire in Botswana. A tented camp, not the fancy like they have now. I look like i have on kabuki face but is just my usual pallor and a pitiless camera-flash-weird-light-thing. It was my first safari, and I was hooked on the bush before I ever arrived. My aunt and uncle had been going since the 60s….Africa, hunting, safari, and tourism have all changed so much over the years, but what will never change is the vastness, the majesty, and the beauty of Africa—as long as we all take care of her. A shout to my sisters of @empowersafrica too, a great cause to follow if you love Mother Africa
#tbt #throwbackthursday #motherafrica #aroundthecampfire #uncledubba #onsafari

17 Jan 2020

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