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Dear Readers,

I was so struck by the charm and originality of fellow blogger and House Beautiful contributing editor Jennifer Boles’s Peak of Chic post today that I wanted to share it with you. Funnily enough my sister Duvall has a trunk show clothing business called Sister Act Collections, so-called because I sort of got her into it and helped her in the beginning. She is off and running with it now – with her other “sisters” Caroline and Mimi. Sisters are just great, and I sure do love mine. Which is a blessing considering I spent most of my waking hours until about age 16 trying to kill her. I was awful. And today I don’t know what I’d do without her, and that’s the truth. See below, and sign me,



My re-posting is a little out of whack, but you can see Jennifer’s original Peak of Chic post here. Read about Sister Act Collections here.


  1. Love the portraits but am intrigued by Duval’s trunks. Where can we see her program?

    1. Kate, you can click on the link – the words in green link to her website. They are the Carlisle and Per Se collections, with which you may be familiar. The company has been sold and things are a bit up in the air but all plans are go for a fall collection. I will keep you posted. Thank you, xox

  2. The Peak of Chic was my introduction to blogs. Love it. I have always wanted a sister but am blessed with a great brother. Not many sister/brother famous photos……Frances, you write the best things about your sister….glad you did not “kill her”.
    Happy 4th.

  3. I finally met my sister (older by seven years) when I was 33 and she was 40. Long, convoluted story, one day I am going to write a book about it. Same dad, different moms. We have been close ever since and I am happy to report I love bugging the heck out of her, whenever she complains I remind her it is an essential part of the sisterhood contract and I missed out on a LOT of years, so have some major catching up to do! She is a joy and major silver lining in my life. I am so happy we met at long last and are now in each others’ lives.

    1. EB, what a wonderful story, wow. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. We’ll be watching out for that book, but book or no, do write the story down. It sounds like one that needs to be told.

  4. While I am not as close to my sister as I am my mother, I loved this post from her as well. I left a comment about how I hope The Queen is able to see that portrait with her Mother and sister and find comfort in it, in a private setting on trying days. Sometimes family is all anyone needs to feel better… whether they are there or not.

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