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This is a little vignette from “Bee-fore,” which is to say the house before #beecottage, which some of you know about. This collection of blue and white plates keeps turning up, which is a nice thing about collections—they can keep turning up in different rooms and different ways. These were in the master bedroom, a weird-ish place for plates but it worked. Like last week’s paintings (ha, some also hung with plate hangers!) these too are arranged #higgeldypiggeldy above a painted chest. The same plates appear in more orderly fashion a few posts back in a plate rack in the kitchen of Bee Cottage. All to say that whether you move or not, it’s fun to re-think your collections and to come up with different ways to display them. I’d love to see yours if anyone wants to share… .
#thebeecottagestory #blueandwhite #collections

10 Sep 2019

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