Postcard From Burgundy – Part 3 – Bopping Around Beaune

Beaune is a charming town, walkable, manageable, with good little shops, and a bustling Saturday market. Good food too of course. And wine, which you know.

Carousel in Beaune
Carousel in Beaune town square

One of my favorites was Laronze-Decor, managed by the charming and gracious Nicolas, whose family owns the shop, and come to find out a kitchen shop and bed and bath boutique as well. It is such a delight to stumble on a place that has things you haven’t already seen everywhere else, which, says Nicolas, is exactly his aim.

Laronze Decor in Beaune
Laronze Decor in Beaune

They carry a range of housewares, including the wonderful Jacquard Francais linens, which you do see elsewhere, but not everywhere.

Laronze Decor in Beaune
Laronze Decor in Beaune

One chandelier in particular was very cool, and it held votive candles. It was about $200 I think. Why didn’t I get it? Not easy to pack but I would have found a way. But wait, they ship… Dang… Maybe I will call them…

Chandelier in Laronze Decor
Votive chandelier in Laronze-Decor
Laronze Decor in Beaune
Laronze Decor in Beaune
Placemats in Laronze Decor
Reversible plastic placemats in a range of fruit and flower designs. I scooped up a few that were bunches of grapes and grape leaves for the ranch. Will show those to you later. I know you can't wait.
Laronze kitchen shop in Beaune
The Laronze kitchen shop is run by Nicolas's aunt.
Laronze kitchen shope, Beaune
Le Crueset display in Laronze kitchen shop, Beaune
Olive wood utensils, kitchen shop in Beaune
Olive wood utensils
Knife Man
Knife Man. Ouch.

Could not resist, for research purposes of course, the superb Alain Batt chocolate shop.

Alain Batt Chocolates in Beaune, Burgundy
Chocolate high heels. Not just for breakfast anymore. Alain Batt chocolates, in Beaune.

The French do have a way with display, non?

Chocolate snails, Alain Batt
Burgundy is famous for its snails, here memorialized in chocolate. Alain Batt chocolates, in Beaune.

I once sent a Valentine card to His Grace the Cowboy that had a drawing of a snail on the front and said “Slow and steady our love does grow. I sure so love you, my escargot.”

Tomorrow, Saturday, is Market Day…

Photos by Frances Schultz for


  1. While I’m sure HG’s most favorite thing is not kitchen shops, I’m sure he could appreciate knife “man” (person?). Perfect Christmas gift for someone, I imagine…

    Will be glad when you and S. Carr Gogh are heading back stateside….

    Thanks for taking us to Beaune for an interlude today!

  2. The Le Crueset display is amazing!! Solvang used to have a carousel, a brand new one! In fact after it was installed, a local man tried to build support for a ferris wheel and what not built in the parking area west of the Mission….how beautiful your photos are- thank you Frances!

  3. Frances, your blogs of your trip are such a treat. I am so enjoying your photos, comments, stories…like I was there! But then I would have convinced you to buy the chandelier and been in the dog house ever since. Thank you so much for sharing the sights, adventures, laughs and photos. Magnifico!

    1. Thank you all for your comments! I am so happy you are enjoying it and that it is not liking watching someone’s home movies — anyone who is old enough to remember them, that is… I am sorry they never built that ferris wheel in Solvang, Christine, and what happened to the merry-go-round?!

  4. Frances….fyi, we have a fabulous merry-go-round in Philadelphia at the Please Touch Museum-just for kids under about age 5…they LOVE it…it’s a beauty and actually quite an old one, restored from New York. Again, loving all your insights, photos, etc…TY!

  5. Ma Cherie,
    Please drink a glass of Pouilly-Fuisse, no make that a bottle, for me. I have beautiful memories from when I was a college student enjoying “joie de vivre dans un cafe a Beaune”.
    A votre sante~

  6. Frances, can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying these posts & pictures. Feel as though I’m on a ‘virtual vacation’ with you. I smile, laugh, and feel as though I smell food and flowers & hear sounds in pictures on my screen. Then I have reality check and get grumpy.
    Ansley in Atlanta

    1. Ansley, thank you so much. So gllad you are enjoying it! And you didn’t have to go through security. 🙂

  7. Yum I love everything French . .drooling over your pictures. Just had 2 orders of escargot the other night. Oui Oui JuneBug

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