Modern Farmhouse Chic in France

Do y’all know about the blog Honestly…WTF ? Don’t you love the name? My friend Liz from Santa Barbara told me about it (thank you, Liz), and it’s done by hipsters Erica Chan Coffman and Lauren Kolodny who are bi-coastal like me, style mavens and cool hunters like… I won’t push my luck. But they have a great eye and I’m always interested in what they’re up to. Here is their post today, a new-old house in Provence, one of my favorite places in the world. The Cowboy and I are headed to France on Monday, so it’s on my mind. A bientot. (That is French for I love me a chateau.) For a girl from Tarboro I am very international.


  1. Wow!! I thought I was farmhouse chic…ooops, not even close according to this comfy, sleek soothing interior. Hey, have a wonderful time on your trip. I wish you inspiration, great food, laughs, memories, and… Look forward to seeing you, and sketches. xxxooo

  2. De-lovely! I really love the huge casement window.

    If you want to check out gardens in France, check out and use the trip planner tool.

    Have a wonderful time!

    1. Wow thank you Alejandro – I can’t wait to visit, what a great tip!… Speaking of gardens, I am thinking of you all as preparations for your to-do at Madoo gear up. I am hoping to make it back to come, but not sure yet! If anyone reading this is ever in the vicinity of Sagaponack NY be sure to visit the beautiful gardens at Madoo (, where Alejandro is executive director.

  3. SIGH! The tub, the kitchen, the pool! Can I move in, pretty, pretty, pretty please? Will be adding blog to my favorites, the Whimbles, Hollye’s and yours hold the Top 3 spots. They are my three “go-to” spots every morning, along with my a.m. cafe au lait. Enjoy France, take lots and lots of pictures, safe and happy travels. A bientot!

    1. Yes it is very serene, isn’t it!… And my what an honor you bestow on Whimbles, Hollye and me – and now Honestly WTF. Thank you EB!!!

  4. Fran-well Im in Amish country (Lancaster,PA) staying in an old tobacco barn turned inside out by Keith Langham&John Mayfield. Honestly, not Provence, but swell. Tell cowboy there are plenty of spots to read 5 newspapers&nap here and in Provence. You dont have to look far no matter where you are. Love and have fun. I, too, want to see your spectacular watercolors

    1. Oh it sounds beautiful Angele – please take a buunch of pictures and tell Keith and John hello! Thank you so so much and you all have fun too! xox

  5. Hello Frances, So pleased to have stumbled upon your blog. I am looking forward to your future posts and hope you will drop by Joy of Nesting for a visit soon. Best regards. Shiree’ Hanson Segerstrom

    1. Thank you Shiree and welcome! I did indeed drop by your lovely Joy of Nesting and I plan to visit often. It’s a wonderful blog. Brava, gratefully, Frances

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