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Starting to think about our Easter table… #Lavender is always good. These were pots from the grocery store ( #lastminutelucy ) Layered tablecloths, rock crystal candle holders, and plates from #astierdevillatte for a friend’s birthday. Next frame are the huge mylar balloons in the shape of his initials, also from the grocery store. Best $35 ever spent. Last frame, i do miss having a dining room, but it is nice to look across at the fire going. I just read somewhere that to create a warm, festive environment, all you need are a fire, flowers, and candlelight—and i agree. That covers it! Artwork by #rubenochoa and #kimominton .
#rancholazaca #homesweethome #entertainingathome #dinnerparty #tablescape #californiacookingandsouthernstyle coming out next fall! @billyhurbaugh @chefstephvalentine @randallday

16 Mar 2019

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