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Travel is so educational, so deeply experiential and engaging. Take for instance when you drop your phone in the airplane toilet, and it doesn’t stop in the top part of the bowl no no but goes straight down past that metal valve and into the blue goo. That is what it does. And then you have to come out and tell these two adorable sweet flight attendants what happened, and then somehow you just know the entire plane knows, and you feel like the biggest dingbat loser in the world because in that moment, hey, you ARE. And then all sorts of eventualities are discussed. The captain is involved. We land in Santa Barbara. More discussion, doomed scenarios, and possible returns to Phoenix for actual phone retrieval because I cantrememberwhy. And THEN I said let’s pretend this never happened and have you got a plastic bag. Yes they said. Quick I said before the captain comes back. I marched in that loo and put that bag over my hand and reached in there …. and got the sucker… Let’s just say it wasn’t Chanel No 5, but it’s here, inside this gray bag brandished triumphantly if gingerly by these two lovely flight attendants, whose spirits never wavered. As I was saying, travel exposes you to people and plumbing in ways you never imagined, and that is a beautiful thing. Also beautiful: the iPhone 8 is indeed waterproof (and mercifully other things-proof) And remember if you can, which I obviously couldn’t: Do not go to the loo with your phone in your back pocket. Just don’t. You know the saying: I fought the loo and the loo won.
I was lucky this time. Next time, well, it’s not a risk I’m willing to take.
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22 Oct 2018

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