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Back to Scotland for a bit – a story coming I promise – but I just loved walking around the remains of the stunning St Andrews Cathedral last week and wish I’d had time to paint there. So dramatic and sculptural, and moving to read about how the celebrants and congregants would have processed in, what it must have looked like, how freezing cold it was in winter… FYI there is a good piece in Oct 14 NYTimes by Jonathan Merritt about talking about God and spirituality, and how people don’t do it anymore, in part “because they don’t like the way it has been used…and abused by others. But when people stop speaking God because they don’t like what these words have come to mean…those who are causing the problem get to hog the microphone.” Hunh. I mention this because I notice that here on Insta, when I touch even lightly on the spiritual, there is always a warm and affirming response. Beauty, spirituality, and yes God, are all in one and all emanate from the divine. How could they not? Let’s keep talking. .
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16 Oct 2018

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