Katie Ridder’s ROOMS

Katie Ridder’s new book ROOMS, is just out. If you want a breath of fresh design air, be sure you get this one.

Katie Ridder Rooms
Katie Ridder ROOMS, written with Heather Smith MacIsaac, is a gorgeous new book just out from Vendome.

Funny I say “breath,” because that is one of the things about Katie’s work you aren’t conscious of…until you are: Her rooms breathe.

Reading nook
This reading nook in a sitting room in Arkansas definitely “breathes.” And how 'bout that aqua, with the brown and white geometric rug, and the citron chairs. Strong and yet soft.

It isn’t that they’re airy, necessarily, though some are, of course.

While others are quite strong, bold, and emphatic.

Katie's library
The library of Katie's own house illustrates her confident mix of pattern and period. Note the Moroccan-inspired design of the rug, the artful arrangement and mix of art and objects, and (darn it you can

It’s that her rooms have clean, classic lines and uncluttered compositions that give them a sense of order and calm. You see the room, or you walk in it, and you relax a little; you do, indeed, breathe. That is the power of good design.

So you’re cruising along with Katie’s work you think, okay that’s nice; that’s handsome; and then boom! A mirror ball! Moroccan tiles! Tin flowers on a powder room wall! Unexpected but not jarring or untoward. It’s like she’s winking at you. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing, because she is as lovely as her rooms, in every way.

Grass green powder room
This is what I'm talking about. A grass green powder room in San Francisco is embellished with hand painted tin flowers modeled after antique porcelain ones. The amazing 19th-century mirror is cobalt glass and gilt. Note also the coral finials at bottom of the sconces.

She’s signing TONIGHT in New York at Archivia Books, 993 Lexington Avenue, between 71st and 72nd streets, between 6 and 8. And by the way, her husband, the architect Peter Pennoyer, has a beautiful book himself that came out last year. You’ll want that, too, if you don’t have it already.

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