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Gingerbread Sticky Pudding Cake

Oh. My. Gingerbread. This is a whole ‘nother thing from the usual gingerbread. Hits the spot in a richly satisfying but not intrusive way. Warm and moist, not too heavy or sweet, with a whiff of citrus and spice that makes it good for you. Why do I suddenly feel as if I’m writing about sex?

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A Perfect Autumn Salad – for Thanksgiving and Beyond

Searching for a wonderful autumn-y, crunchy, yummy, interesting salad that even Mike-y will like? Do you love kale salad but enough with the kale salads already? I hear you. This is so good, and so deliciously seasonal, and no cooking required…that is my kind of cooking. Especially so close to Thanksgiving. This would even be great served at Thanksgiving.

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Best Ever Brownies

Nothing suits casual summer entertaining better than an easy passable dessert, and it’s hard to beat a brownie in that department. It is a shame that some brownies have given brownies a bad name. So I’m just going to cut to the chase here. The reason these are so good is…

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The Best Lemon Pie in Your Life (Not Exaggerating)

A while ago I heard about a lemon pie, a North Carolina lemon pie, that changed my life.Well not really but I wanted to get your attention. It is that good. “A North Carolina Pie That Elicits an ‘Oh My God’ Response” ran on NPR’s All Things Considered’s Found Recipes series courtesy of Katie Workman, who is fab…

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The Perfect One-Dish Summer Supper

Company this weekend? Summer is all about casual entertaining, and here (said she modestly) is the perfect summer supper. Crowd-pleasing, minimal prep and cooking time, surf and turf. Did I have you at hello, or what. Ladies and gentlemen, all the way from the South Carolina Lowcountry, I give you […]