Humor, Insight & Inspiration

Humor, Insight & Inspiration

Attacked by Aliens! Srsly!

Dear Readers, There has been a devastating attack on the hosting site for this blog and others. Countless images have been lost. Hundreds of hours of work. I want to kick and scream and cry like a big fat baby. But I won’t. Enh, it’s just a website. But it is […]

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Bees and Thank You

Dear Readers,
Your response to A Book Deal for Bee Cottage has gob-smacked me, and I am so grateful to you I could bust. If you were wondering, I absolutely do read every single-dingle comment and treasure every word. Yessiree Bob I do. And I really appreciate your feedback on the book’s subtitle (to be continued). I’m not always able to respond individually, but trust me, hun, you are forever on my Love List. These simple bees and bouquets are for you especially. From my house, my garden, and my heart, thank you.

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Nelson Mandela, Johnny Clegg, and a Music Hall in Jo’burg 1988

The morning after Nelson Mandela died, NPR’s Renee Montagne interviewed a white South African named Johnny Clegg, whose music I’ve listened to and loved since I saw him perform in Johannesburg in 1988. Clegg’s song, “Asimbonanga,” Zulu for “We Have not Seen Him” stopped me in my tracks and still does. Years later, at a concert in France, where Clegg is popular and known as le Zulu Blanc, he performs Asimbonanga and is joined on stage by Mandela. Wow-oh-wow,