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Invasive Plants–Just Don’t Do It

It’s all fun and games, people, until some planet loses a species. You know what I’m sayin? I’m talking about invasive plants–you know, the pretty ones that are easy to grow and spread, and then take over the world? As we plan for fall gardening, let’s do our part to stop these botanical bad guys before they start…

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Bees and Thank You

Dear Readers,
Your response to A Book Deal for Bee Cottage has gob-smacked me, and I am so grateful to you I could bust. If you were wondering, I absolutely do read every single-dingle comment and treasure every word. Yessiree Bob I do. And I really appreciate your feedback on the book’s subtitle (to be continued). I’m not always able to respond individually, but trust me, hun, you are forever on my Love List. These simple bees and bouquets are for you especially. From my house, my garden, and my heart, thank you.