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One more family post, post-bar mitzvah. Jesse read and spoke beautifully, and what a beautiful service honoring this ancient tradition marking the passage into adulthood. The prayers and songs are so beautiful and i feel enriched all the more by the privilege of gathering(!) and participating in this poignant communal ritual. Plus I will get a kick out of sending this as a Christmas card Honoring all religions, covering all the bases. Love our family. From left, oldest grand Casey, mama Allison, newly mitzvah’d Jesse, daddy (and son) Jason, daughter Alexis, grand Piper @djpipertini1016 , moi, and His Grace. Stunning backdrop of Park City fall foliage by God, who does not care how we come to her, which prayers we say, which altar we dress. Grace and peace to you all on this autumn Sunday.

3 Oct 2021

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