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It’s not you it’s me. The blurry bit I mean. Drive by shot on the way home from Brooklyn and dinner with nieces and their mom my sister who is almost as old as i but not quite and who also did not know quite exactly where we were but it seemed like somewhere between Bermuda and New Jersey only it took longer to get there. But to be fair @redhooktavernbk was all it is cracked up to be crazy good and my nieces and sister are adorable and i would actually go anywhere including New Jersey to be with them. Thank you @duvallfuqua @ffuqua and Dorothy @shopsocialfashion and btw to be clear New Jersey rocks. As does #bermuda of course but in a different way. . . #newyorkcityatnight #brooklynbridgeatnight #newyorkcitynocturne #nocturne #newyorkatnight #newyorknocturne #iwanttopaintit #iwanttopaintthis #fullmoon

24 Jul 2021

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