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New York City, my second home, is many things to many people, and for all its goods and bads, I love it. It never ceases to surprise, and the sheer and sometimes breathtaking creativity and generosity demonstrated by its people are rewards in themselves, this last year especially. This goes for no one more so than <a href='⁠⁠/’ title=’More from @lewismillerdesign⁠⁠ on Instagram’ target=’_blank’ class=’ig-attribution’>@lewismillerdesign whose gorgeous Flower Flash! arrangements appear in odd places out of the blue all over the city. This past year he dedicated them to our front-line health care workers and I imagine he cured many a sad spirit. God bless him, I hope to meet him one day. See more of his work in my stories.⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Flower installation by <a href='⁠⁠/’ title=’More from @lewismillerdesign⁠⁠ on Instagram’ target=’_blank’ class=’ig-attribution’>@lewismillerdesign⁠⁠ Photography by @raymondmeier⁠⁠

23 Jun 2021

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