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Last month I shared that my dear friend and incredibly talented designer <a href='⁠⁠/’ title=’More from @richard_keith_langham⁠⁠ on Instagram’ target=’_blank’ class=’ig-attribution’>@richard_keith_langham is working his magic on our New York apartment, and it is now in full chaos I mean full swing. Meanwhile, I comfort myself that it does all eventually come together in a glorious harmony of deft bold strokes and artful details, as in this masterful master bath in a much-loved Mississippi project Keith has stewarded through two decades and a handful of hurricanes, including the catastrophic Katrina. Take the full tour in my stories.⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Design by <a href='⁠⁠/’ title=’More from @richard_keith_langham⁠⁠ on Instagram’ target=’_blank’ class=’ig-attribution’>@richard_keith_langham⁠⁠ Wallpaper by Summer Hill⁠⁠ @colefaxandfowler chintz chair⁠⁠ @wtrwrks tub⁠⁠ #lewisgraeberarchitect @lewisgraeber

18 Jun 2021

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