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My darling friend and designer @richard_keith_langham is taking on our NYC home and it is a miracle we have not killed each other I mean I could not be more excited to see the final product! Richard (“Keith” to his pals) is a genius at creating rooms grounded in tradition and inspired by imagination. The boy is always off on some flight of fancy or other, and his gorgeous designs are all the livelier for their color, texture, and pattern. This New Orleans house he did for another old friend (when you get to be my age you know everybody) is one of my favorites. The room just sings with a sweet southern drawl and shimmers with the impeccable style and attuned eye of the owner. Stop by my stories to see more of my favorite rooms, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of Keith’s book, About Decorating, click the link in my bio. Photograph courtesy of @elledecor

2 Apr 2021

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