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We planted daffodils this year for the first time at the ranch and I am so happy-dil! They are actually growing (#miracle) and blooming their little hearts out, and Imabout to bust. The Bankshire rose is dojng well too after a couple of years, and it reminds of our mama’s garden in Tarboro. I always thought it was called Lady Bank Sharose, which sounds more like a drag queen diva than a flower. Happy Spring and Happy Vaxing! Hope you get yours soon!!! (Im one down, one to go…) oh, and @cultivatedbychristin I am still loving this earthenware container from your workshop at @cambo_gardens and fun with @rosestoryfarm . . #rancholazaca #yellow #dadfodils #wildiris #ladybankshirerose #bankshireroses #weeds #francesschultzflowers

25 Mar 2021

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