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So much to love olive trees’ silvery foliage and the way they bend with the wind. Van Gogh’s paintings of olives are some of my favorites. The trees are drought tolerant and are pretty much bullet-proof. See growing tips in my stories, and you can even grow them inside! When you live in a town (well near a town) named Los Olivos, you develop an innate fondness for the things. We have a grove of olives by our house that forms a cathedral-like canopy where His Grace and I were married. Aww. And who wouldn’t want such an elegant, graceful plant indoors as well? Inside you say?? If you’re considering bringing a bit of Southern California, Provence, or Tuscany into your house, take a look at my link in bio for everything you need to know to grow one of these beauties. ⁠ ⁠ Photography by⁠

22 Mar 2021

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