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Originating in China as early as the 4th century, curtained beds again came into fashion in Medieval times, with the effect of creating a “room within a room” in the desperate hope of not freezing one’s buns off. Pairing the right fabrics, colors, and print size for bed curtains is a real art, as Brian David Philip did here so beautifully. The sconces are like earrings for the romantic Moorish-inspired headboard and are practical as well. A bed that is both cozy and sumptuous is surely one of life’s great luxuries and can be created with budgets both modest and lavish.⁠⁠ ⁠⁠ Design by Brian David Philip⁠⁠ Curtains by Robert Allen linen⁠⁠ Featured in @archdigest⁠⁠

20 Feb 2021

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