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It’s almost Christmas Eve! Do you get as giddy as you did as a child? I do. I can’t help it. While I may not be setting out milk and cookies for Santa this year — he is actually partial to the sticky buns at @thebakers_table — I will be making the merry most of things. It warms my heart to remember Christmas parties past. This photo was a dinner we had after His Grace’s “Talkin’ Big” book party in 2018. This year I will still decorate the house and fill it with the scent of a Frasier fir candle because our tree is fake (I know ). And while all this brings me joy, it also heightens my awareness of those less fortunate, this year especially, and opens my heart all the more. What can we do to help those in need this year in our communities? What will you do?

21 Dec 2020

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