Instagram 19 May 2019

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A beautiful doorway in 66th Street, Manhattan. One of the advantages of a walking city is appreciating what beauty there is always around us when we can take the time to see. We also of course see sadness and squalor. It’s all part of our shared human experience, isn’t it, the good with the bad, the happy the sad, the cycle, every day a death and a resurrection, and the gift of grace in each moment. Not sure what has me waxing philosophical this Sunday morning! Walking allows us the contemplation that whizzing by does not, and I’m seeing that the Camino my friends and I completed a few weeks ago, is always beginning again. @hollyejacobs @duvallfuqua @ccwilliamsonsr @mollyfroelich @maureenchilton @lesliegraves26 @mossmandanielle @aishashaque @patriciaglass1 @staceyrenker And all my Camino sisters and brother (!) @randallday and inspired by @walk2connect

19 May 2019

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