The Ultimate Status Pumpkin

Not quite meant for Madison Avenue but but can’t help grinning at my friend designer Tom Samet’s take on the ultimate status… pumpkin.

H Pumpkin
H is for... Halloween. Designer Tom Samet's take on the latest status accessory: the logo pumpkin.

Meanwhile, cruising through The Daily Beast yesterday I was stopped in my tracks by some other pumpkin carvings, those by artist Ray Villafane. The Beast says the pumpkins will reportedly be on display at supermodel Heidi Klum’s Las Vegas Halloween party, but dang, I was not invited this year. So click HERE to see Beast’s gallery of Villafane’s extraordinary pumpkins. And talk about a passion and art for art’s sake. To make this kind of effort for something that will last a few days at most… But the photographs are very good. Happy Halloween!


  1. Dear Frances,love your blog.
    The Bee Cottage looks grate.Sorry to see it finish .
    Looking forward to a grate inspiration .

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