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Just Another Night at the Ranch… Starring Shirley Jones and the Cassidy Brothers

How often do you have in your living room an Academy Award-winning actress, a Tony Award-winning costume designer, an Emmy-winning composer, and a Grammy-nominated bona-fide teen idol all at once?
We did when we hosted a singalong with Shirley Jones and Shaun Cassidy and decided to make an evening of it. Rancho La Zaca was filled with music, laughter, and a tear or two.

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How to Say No, Politely

When it comes to the most important words in the language, right up there with Thank You, I Love You, Please, and Dinner is Served… is No.
You already know this, but we all (maybe especially us girls) need reinforcement now and then.
I saw this on, a terrific blog I’ve recently discovered, and thought we could use it about now…