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Do Not Spit…

Some things just need no explanation. When we were in South Georgia last week quail hunting (see post here), we stopped at a convenience store for a cup of coffee. This sign was posted above the waste basket. A simple and direct request, followed by “Please.” Very genteel. Now you don’t […]

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A Memoir-Cookbook You Must Have

Well I felt like a proud big sister all weekend about my buddy Alex Hitz making a big splash in The Wall by Golly Street Journal. Many of you probably fall upon the the paper’s Saturday Off Duty section like a teenager would Elvis’s room key–I do anyway–now that poor […]

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Nora Ephron and her “Exit” File

“Nora Ephron’s Last Love Story”  in July 10’s New York Post about the writer’s star-studded July 9 memorial service reminded me I’d yet to write about this fabulous woman’s legacy and untimely “exit,” as she had labeled the file containing her meticulous instructions about how she wanted things at her death. Wry–and […]

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For Downton Abbey Devotees

Sunday nights just aren’t the same. There’s just a big, gaping hole in my TV-watching heart without William and Mary, Lord Grantham, and the dowager countess et. al. to curl up with after supper. And I am a wreck about poor–and surely innocent!–Mr. Bates languishing in a wretched jail, excuse […]