Frances and Nate Berkus Invite you for Drinks

Today’s the day I’m on The Nate Berkus Show. There’s a whirlwind tour of Bee Cottage, and then Nate and I go about preparing for a drinks party. His crew were great to work with and really made it fun. He is adorable; his producers are adorable and also total […]

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Sunflower Power

RANCHO LA ZACA–I’m not at the ranch now; I’m in New York, but it’s been gray and drizzly day here and I thought some California sunshine might be nice. California sunflowers, better still. We planted a patch of them in June and in August they were in full flower. Who […]


Follow Your Heart

BEE COTTAGE–Follow your heart in all things, and certainly in the things you surround yourself with at home. Collections, be they humble or grand, are created and pursued primarily because they bring  joy to the collector. They may accrue value and have other benefits too, of course; but at the […]