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Postcard From Havana

Am just back to the ranch with jet lag and a cold, but what a fascinating four days we spent in Havana, frayed and falling apart as she is. The people are friendly and warm, and the vibe is energetic and lively. There’s a burgeoning contemporary art scene, and the […]


Great Gift Ideas, Personal, Practical, and Pretty

NEW YORK-On-the-ball go-getter that you are, you’ve already made your Christmas list and have started shopping. I’m always in the hunt for gifts that are both personal and practical. But finding them ain’t easy, and you do need to start early. Here you go… I had lunch at Doubles the […]


A Sauce That Will Rock Your World

As promised, a beautiful green sauce of herbs, capers and olive oil that will rock your world. It could also profoundly enhance your Thanksgiving – or at least your Thanksgiving leftovers – and it’s certainly not too soon to think that. Good gracious, here it is November already! First referenced […]


The Ultimate Status Pumpkin

Not quite meant for Madison Avenue but but can’t help grinning at my friend designer Tom Samet’s take on the ultimate status… pumpkin. Meanwhile, cruising through The Daily Beast yesterday I was stopped in my tracks by some other pumpkin carvings, those by artist Ray Villafane. The Beast says the […]


Weekend in the Country

MILLBROOK, NY-Wow, talk about timing. It’s a good thing our 2nd Annual Duck Shoot and Lunch was last weekend and not this slushy old messy one. And what a beautiful weekend it was. Spending time with friends; stomping around the countryside in all its autumn glory; shooting some ducks (which […]


Katie Ridder’s ROOMS

Katie Ridder’s new book ROOMS, is just out. If you want a breath of fresh design air, be sure you get this one. Funny I say “breath,” because that is one of the things about Katie’s work you aren’t conscious of…until you are: Her rooms breathe. It isn’t that they’re […]

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The Dining Room at Bee Cottage

The November issue of House Beautiful is out, and it’s the last of the Bee Cottage series in the magazine, on page 66. Writing the Bee column has been an absolute joy, and your responses to it have been so generous and so gratifying, thank you. And thank you to […]


Muriel, Muriel, Muriel

Well I’m just full a beans today with so much to tell. Last night. Tout New York was at Phillips de Pury for the divine James de Givenchy’s reception for the equally divine Muriel Brandolini, there to sign her new book, The World of Muriel Brandolini, and to preview the […]


A Morning Walk

A beautiful fall day in East Hampton. My usual morning walk. Nothing special. Weeds, really. But it makes me wonder what else there is out there for us if we will just open our eyes-and our hearts-to it. Hmmm. I’ll leave you with that. Have a great weekend.