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You Gotta Love The New York Post

Early this morning tenants of a posh Fifth Avenue building complained of a loud snorting noise emitting from the 21st floor, fearful that possibly a large farm animal had got loose, or worse, been injured in what would be a bizarre circumstance even by New York standards. But no… It was just me laughing, I explained to the concierge when he rang up. Have you seen today’s Post?

Blog, Humor, Insight & Inspiration

The Easter Bear

Have you ever. Can you pick me? I pretty much look the same. Same fat cheeks, little nose, and big mouth. Why is my hair sticking out on the sides like that? Did my mama do that on purpose? Was I going through a Hasidic phase? And who cut those […]

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How to Say No, Politely

When it comes to the most important words in the language, right up there with Thank You, I Love You, Please, and Dinner is Served… is No.
You already know this, but we all (maybe especially us girls) need reinforcement now and then.
I saw this on, a terrific blog I’ve recently discovered, and thought we could use it about now…