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Got a Beef? Here’s Just the Thing:

Ooh, child, this is something good. And if you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day dinner, you’ve found it. You can make it in advance, freeze it if you like, and it requires no last minute fiddling. But most importantly it would pair well with a chocolate dessert. A girl […]

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Chocolate Chip Cookies To Die (and Vegan, too)

I was torn about telling you these unbelievable cookies were vegan, worried it would put off the bacon-cheeseburger set (of which I, too, am a member). But these are so dang good I feel a sudden urge to wear Birkenstocks–which I pray will pass. The recipe comes again from Stephanie […]

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Killer Cauliflower Soup, Seriously

How exciting can it be, cauliflower soup? Well you just make this and see. You’ll be doing a great service for yourself and your family, possibly the country, the world… The recipe comes from our sublime cook at Rancho La Zaca, Chef Stephanie Valentine. You might think “chef” sounds pretentious […]

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Never Eat More Than You Can Lift…

LOS ANGELES–One of my idols, Miss Piggy, says “Never eat more than you can lift.” This came very close to tipping the scales… A thing of burger is a joy forever… Spent a quick night in L.A. on the way back to the ranch from Christmas in Atlanta with my […]

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A Sweet Gift Idea – fun for kids, too

If you are like 99 per cent of the moms out there, you’ve promised your child(ren) you’d bake cookies together, and you swore you wouldn’t get the damn slice-and-bake because, like, how lame, but you probably will because baking from scratch is too much trouble and and and… but now […]

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A Little Behind in my Holiday Baking

I do love to bake for the holidays, but sometimes I get a little behind… ahem… so to speak… This was sent to me by my friend Susie Quinn, sent to her by Bonnie Burdett, and I don’t know who sent it to Bonnie. There is a faint by-line on […]