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Longing for the Garden at Bee Cottage

NEW YORK–Spring is sailing along. Want to go? Click here if you want to go model boat sailing in Central Park. Central Park today is bursting with blossoms and bright with the fresh green of new foliage. The cool April air and its promise of showers bring to heart the […]

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First Growth

Back to the ranch after three days in Colorado. We had finally gotten some much needed rain in the Valley and as we left there was snow on the mountains around us. The countryside turns green in a minute when the rains come, so it was especially beautiful to come […]

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Doing Up for Valentine’s Day

Life at Rancho La Zaca was so hectic around the holidays that I never got around to posting about our New Year’s Eve party,* but when I was doing up the table–with friend Nina Griscom and sister Duvall’s help–I kept thinking it would be pretty that way for Valentine’s Day, […]

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Flowers and Leaves by Nina Rumbough

How about a breath of spring in these depths of January, just to remind us that it WILL come? How beautiful is this? And this? The artist and photographer is Nina Rumbough, who I am happy to say is my friend, and who is as lovely as her work. See […]