Author: Frances


Instagram 11 Sep 2019

My prayer is for the grace to heal: as a son, a daughter, a mother, a father, a husband, a wife, a family, a people, a nation, a world.
Thanks to @mohonkmountainhouse for this silent, waving tribute to honor and grace.


Instagram 10 Sep 2019

This is a little vignette from “Bee-fore,” which is to say the house before #beecottage, which some of you know about. This collection of blue and white plates keeps turning up, which is a nice thing about collections—they can keep turning up in different rooms and different ways. These were in the master bedroom, a weird-ish place for plates but it worked. Like last week’s paintings (ha, some also hung with plate hangers!) these too are arranged #higgeldypiggeldy above a painted chest. The same plates appear in more orderly fashion a few posts back in a plate rack in the kitchen of Bee Cottage. All to say that whether you move or not, it’s fun to re-think your collections and to come up with different ways to display them. I’d love to see yours if anyone wants to share… .
#thebeecottagestory #blueandwhite #collections


Instagram 1 Sep 2019

Sailing out of summer. So good to be on the water… Finally dawned on me I could… even if His Grace would rather go to the dentist than be on the ocean. Not that I needed permission, I just forget sometimes that things I love doing are right at my fingertips but for the deciding to do them. Often it’s not a question of permission from others, but permission from ourselves. Anyone out there relate to that?


Instagram 29 Aug 2019

Ugly packaging disguised. Is anyone else obsessed with this, too?! Even in this “utility bathroom” at our ranch, I still want it to be pretty. So, with a little craft paper and raffia, boom. It ain’t Jo Malone, but it’s okay. In the words Rodgers & Hammerstein, #brownpaperpacksgestiedupwithstring … Okay now i feel guilty for not putting Jo Malone in there…


For the Love of Art Walls, and a Hack for Unframed Art

Don’t you love an art wall? Me too. The more mixed up the better. And yet the mix must be harmonious and balanced. You know it when you see it. The stately and ordered are beautiful, of course, but the higgeldy-piggeldy and personal are such fun–like giant bulletin boards of […]