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Killer Cauliflower Soup, Seriously

How exciting can it be, cauliflower soup? Well you just make this and see. You’ll be doing a great service for yourself and your family, possibly the country, the world… The recipe comes from our sublime cook at Rancho La Zaca, Chef Stephanie Valentine. You might think “chef” sounds pretentious […]

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A South Texas Sojourn-Part 2

Like I was saying yesterday…In the winter months, during quail season in South Texas, they all go to one another’s places on the weekends to shoot and have a good time. We were lucky enough to be invited last weekend. Our hosts, whose middle name is Hospitality and whose other […]

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A South Texas Sojourn

My mother once said casually, but as if bestowing the greatest compliment, “Texas people are cute; they’re a lot like people from North Carolina.” Yes, I answered, but they have better jewelry. They have ranches, too. People in Texas have ranches like people in North Carolina have azaleas. His Grace […]

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Light as a Butterfly

Is this the coolest? This Butterfly Lamp flew out at me from a Facebook post the other day by EcoFirstArt. Hand crafted of steamed, bent wood by British craftsman Tom Raffield, its playful, graceful shape is inspired by the movement of a butterfly in flight and, says the artist, “intercepts […]

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At the Beginning and at the End

Resolutions are well and good but have a way of running off the road and into a ditch. What about, as an alternative, the cultivation of one positive habit? It does require a touch of discipline but no gyms or diets. Interested? In searching for a message to share with […]

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Never Eat More Than You Can Lift…

LOS ANGELES–One of my idols, Miss Piggy, says “Never eat more than you can lift.” This came very close to tipping the scales… A thing of burger is a joy forever… Spent a quick night in L.A. on the way back to the ranch from Christmas in Atlanta with my […]

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Veranda’s New Look

Veranda magazine’s new look is comfortingly like its old look. Gratifyingly the new table of contents for the features actually gives you an idea of what the feature contains. In the old iteration this was always a peeve of mine, and don’t think in the 10+ years I wrote for […]

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One Little Thing: Bling – With Ribbon

You know all those pretty ribbons and wrappings you save just in case? Make a necklace with one of those ribbons and a brooch or other bauble–a pretty ornament even–for a festive spin on your holiday adornment. If the ribbon is long, tie it in a bow and let the […]