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Great-Looking Green Rooms

The April issue of House Beautiful has landed, prompting me anxiously to complete the March issue which is all about green. Gosh it is hard to keep up, isn’t it? Anyway green is my favorite color without a doubt. The color of life and the color of harmony, as all […]

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For Downton Abbey Devotees

Sunday nights just aren’t the same. There’s just a big, gaping hole in my TV-watching heart without William and Mary, Lord Grantham, and the dowager countess et. al. to curl up with after supper. And I am a wreck about poor–and surely innocent!–Mr. Bates languishing in a wretched jail, excuse […]

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Happy Friday all! Is Bee-lightful the worst pun you’ve ever heard? Yes. It’s nerves I think. My computer’s in the shop and I’m having to write this on an iPad, which I don’t really know how to do yet. It may be next week by the time this posts… Anyway […]

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So many of you have responded to the Sunday Painter post, thank you; and some of you are artists yourselves. Just this morning Jill Steenhuis added a comment to Sunday Painter, and I’d like to comment back by treating you to her work and website, here. Jill is an Atlanta […]