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One Little Thing–A Room With a Bloom

Brrr it’s turned chilly here at Rancho La Zaca, and windy too. As the days shorten and the weather turns, we can create a bright spot anywhere with the One Little Thing of fresh flowers or greenery. If I’ve been away the first thing I do when I return is […]


Thanks for the Wineries…

SANTA YNEZ VALLEY, California-While we’re in the mode of giving thanks, and heaven knows eating and drinking, let us give thanks for the harvest and for the folks who make wine from it! The beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, Santa Barbara County, where I am lucky to live part of the […]

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Postcard From Havana

Am just back to the ranch with jet lag and a cold, but what a fascinating four days we spent in Havana, frayed and falling apart as she is. The people are friendly and warm, and the vibe is energetic and lively. There’s a burgeoning contemporary art scene, and the […]


Great Gift Ideas, Personal, Practical, and Pretty

NEW YORK-On-the-ball go-getter that you are, you’ve already made your Christmas list and have started shopping. I’m always in the hunt for gifts that are both personal and practical. But finding them ain’t easy, and you do need to start early. Here you go… I had lunch at Doubles the […]