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A Pretty Fall Bouquet

It could not have been prettier in Long Island this weekend, and Saturday could not have been a more spectacular day for a wedding. It took place at a club on a grassy knoll overlooking the water. It was wow. And very happy. The ceremony was beautiful and so were […]

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Armillary Love

I love an armillary. Sculptural, strong, graceful, ancient, and a little mysterious. What did they do with them? I would collect them if I had somewhere to put them. I can’t believe I just said that because that does not necessarily stop me. Thankfully it seems the world is not […]

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Coming Soon: Designer Dede Wood

How brilliant is it to have your entrance double as the dining room. Think about it. It’s a pass-through space but otherwise un-used, and yet you want it to be pretty because you’re in it at least several times a day. So if you have the luxury of determining its […]

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Edit Your Rooms, Calm Your Life. Really.

Anyone who’s ever even picked up a design magazine knows the edict: Edit, edit, edit. But rarely have I heard it so soulfully articulated as from lovely Houston designer Jane Moore in the September-October issue of Veranda. We both think it was the second time I’d interviewed her but we […]

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Designer Megan Yager on Chinoiserie Chic Blog

Let’s hear it for the local talent. So yesterday I get this email from my friend Mary (Dede) Wood, a talented designer here in the Santa Ynez Valley: Not bragging but my girl’s stuff is pretty darned good…XO Dede Well she is too bragging and well she should. Dede’s daughter Megan […]

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Always Do Right

“Always do right. This will gratify some and astonish the rest,” said Mark Twain, who needs no embellishment, and certainly not from me. If anybody has anything to add to this, though, we’d all be happy to hear it. Perhaps it is the arrival of four beautiful, strong, smart, wonderful […]